Focus on Fundamentals

The Gathering Well Focus on Fundamentals is a monthly resource that provides practical methods of prayer, a study guide through a specific book or topic of the Bible, and practical principles of building community. This resource is designed for independent or small group study and with the support of The Gathering Well team.

The Heart of Knowing Jesus

This Focus on Fundamentals guide will introduce you to the three main focus areas of Spiritual Formation that The Gathering Well uses as a framework for growing in your personal relationship with Jesus. We encourage you to focus on beginning with prayer, studying the Bible, and building community as central components of how you think about and approach growing in your relationship with Jesus.



This Focus on Fundamentals series will lead you through a study of the Letter to the Romans in a way that will teach you to learn from God’s Word for yourself. You will study at least one chapter of Romans over the course of a month or approximately 4 weeks. Each Focus on Fundamental guide will provide you with an overview of the text, prompts to guide you in prayer, key ideas to consider as you read, and questions that will help you dig deeper into Paul’s letter to the Romans. Follow along on the Marco Polo Sharecast as we study Romans together.

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