Forming Everyday People
into Everyday Leaders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to form everyday people into everyday leaders who know, follow and grow with Jesus.

At the gathering well we...
Begin with Prayer

Tara reached out to The Gathering Well with a desire to enhance her role as a Christian non-profit leader. We connected Tara with the team and worked alongside her to provide coaching that has helped her focus on God’s best for her, her team, and the ministry she leads. Through her own faithful and teachable participation, Tara developed a 100 day prayer and fasting plan that allowed her to intentionally seek God’s will for not only her leadership, but also her life.

Study the Bible

Tracey and Brenda were the first people to work with The Gathering Well in late 2019, early 2020. Tracey met Brenda in Lira, Uganda during a mission trip with her church. Over the course of several years, Tracey and Brenda developed a deep friendship and shared experience of a love for Jesus. Together, they felt a call to bring the experience of small group Bible study to women in the local village. They came to The Gathering Well and received resources to help them study the Bible and coaching that provided the support they needed to navigate this new experience.

Build Community

Blake joined The Gathering Well Support Team in the summer of 2022. While she was excited and eager to support what we were doing for others, she felt a nudge that this could be for her too. We invited Blake into a coaching relationship and began the process of praying for those around her, inviting one person to study the Bible, and asking God to be the one to build community around her.

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  • Just like the well where an everyday woman met Jesus face-to-face, our hope is that those who come to us thirsty, leave refreshed in the everlasting truth of God’s grace. Our desire is to serve individuals seeking an active relationship with Jesus that empowers them to lead others in God’s Truth and leaders seeking to grow in how they guide others. Our membership platform is our well. The place where our hope is, you will find an abundance of resources that will help you learn to begin with prayer, study the bible, or build community so that you can know, follow, and grow with Jesus.
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Discipleship Coaching

  • At the heart of The Gathering Well we want you to feel supported and encouraged as you grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is why we offer discipleship coaching to co-design a path that allows you to take your next steps towards Jesus in the areas of prayer, Bible study, and/or building community. Whether you've just started your relationship with Christ, or you are an established leader in your church, we are here to come alongside you in the places God has placed you.
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Hebrews: An Anchor of Hope in a Sea of Feelings

Hebrews: An Anchor of Hope in a Sea of Feelings was designed using topical and inductive Bible study strategies. The book includes the full text of Hebrews, study methods, and thoughtful discussion questions to work through in a series of 10 lessons. This book was written with intent that anyone, anywhere can open God’s Word and discover what His Word says for themselves. In our experience, after a time of individual study, it’s especially helpful to come together with other women to discuss what God is revealing and to hold each other accountability to it!

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