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Friends, we cannot thank you enough for being a part of this journey with us. The Gathering Well launched in December 2019 with no idea what was ahead for us in 2020, but who really did for that matter? Despite the immensely unexpected, we saw God move in big ways within our small ministry. We were overwhelmed by his faithfulness and humbled by his guidance throughout 2020 and into 2021. As a result, we've come together to not only continue the work we've been doing, but also redirect some of it as well. Much of that work has been in the background and we are so incredibly eager to share it with all of you. And plan to do so with a monthly(ish) newsletter from The Gathering Well team! We hope that you'll stay connected with us in this way so that we can share with you more personally and intimately as we make plans for what's next.

We also hope that you'll share about The Gathering Well and the resources already available, including our Hebrews Bible study and accompanying podcast season, with someone who comes to mind... yep, them! Share it with them!

With so much gratitude & love,
The Gathering Well Team

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