For a while now, I have felt lonely and disconnected. This is when I was introduced to The Gathering Well. It was perfect timing. My husband and I were praying about where else we could give financially, and Chelsea called. I was put in contact with Jazmin, my spiritual disciple coach. We started praying about the people to invite to be in community. Within a few weeks God showed me the one person I was going to do the Bible study on Hebrews with. She was just excited as I was and had been praying about what she was going to do next. Jazmin and I met once a month to pray and talk about next steps and she shared amazing tools to help me study the Bible better, pray in different ways, and how to be accountable to my new friend in Christ. I look up today just a few months later and I am in the center of so many communities, some were there before I just did not have eyes to see them. I am abundantly blessed